When Is It OK to Give Juice to My Child?

Q: When is it OK to offer juice to my child?

A: Juice was as soon as celebrated for providing infants vitamin C and water as they started to eat strong meals. It was simple to do as a result of infants just like the candy style of juice.

Instances modified and now, in case your baby is below age 1, you need to restrict or keep away from giving them juice altogether. Sometimes excessive in sugar and low in fiber, juice presents restricted dietary worth for infants.

In case your toddler has constipation, nevertheless, your pediatrician would possibly suggest providing small quantities of 100% apple, pear or prune juice to assist get issues shifting. It’s at all times finest to examine together with your pediatrician first in case you have questions on what meals to supply your child and in what quantities.

As soon as youngsters attain their first birthday, you’ll be able to take into account giving them 100% contemporary pasteurized or reconstituted juice in moderation, however it’s additionally affordable (and wholesome!) to proceed to abstain and as a substitute give attention to consuming contemporary vegetables and fruit.

I counsel limiting it to four ounces per day or much less for toddlers ages 1 to three. For youngsters ages four to six, restrict to four to six ounces per day. Provide one cup per day or much less for older youngsters ages 7 to 18.

Chorus from giving juice in bottles or sippy cups, that are simple to drink from and will encourage extreme consumption.

— Pediatrician Kimberly Churbock, MD