​Have a Latex Allergy? Proper right here Are 4 Protected Non-Latex Condom Decisions

Latex is a milky fluid from the rubber tree. It’s the precept provide of pure rubber. Nonetheless in case you’re like numerous individuals, sporting latex gloves might make your arms itch. For others, latex publicity can ignite a full-blown allergic response.

The truth is, gloves aren’t the one points made out of latex. Many condoms are latex-based, too. Happily, there are numerous latex-free selections on the market. Even in case you’re personally unbelievable with latex condoms, think about this — it’s best to nonetheless need to take into consideration latex-free selections for the sake of your confederate.

“Girls often are inclined to experience an allergic response to a latex condom than males,” says allergist David Lang, MD. “The vagina’s mucus membranes make it less complicated for latex proteins to enter the physique. So all through intercourse, ladies with latex allergy signs would possibly encounter vaginal swelling and itching.”

“Mucus membrane publicity to a condom in a girl with latex allergy would possibly provoke a extreme systemic response,” he explains.

Are you latex-sensitive or latex-allergic?

Latex sensitivity develops in some people over time by repeated publicity.

Sooner than latex-free gloves have been broadly on the market, the problem was frequent amongst healthcare workers. Latex sensitivity is now a lot much less frequent, Dr. Lang says. The availability and widespread use of various on the market provides might be going the reason for this. 

True latex allergy signs are rather more unusual. Nonetheless they set off a additional excessive response. If you’re experiencing an allergic response to latex, you would possibly uncover itching, hives and swelling. You may also have downside respiratory and actually really feel like your throat is closing up.

Although inconceivable, anaphylaxis (a doubtlessly life-threatening allergic response) is possible. Your physique reacts when latex proteins cross the pores and pores and skin barrier.

What environment friendly, latex-free selections will be discovered?

Though most condoms embody latex, there are only a few choices made out of plastic, synthetic rubber or completely different pure merchandise. These choices embrace:

  1. Polyurethane condoms. These are product of thin plastic in its place of rubber. They supply associated ranges of being pregnant and STD security. Nonetheless, they don’t match as tightly as latex condoms. In order that they’re additional inclined to slide off. Moreover they value just a little bit additional.
  2. Polyisoprene condoms. Created from synthetic rubber, these don’t embody the equivalent proteins that set off an allergic response. In distinction with latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms are stretchier. Moreover they provide associated ranges of being pregnant and STD prevention.
  3. Female condoms. That’s the one alternative a girl can placed on. A flexible, tender plastic pouch is inserted into the vagina with a flexible polyurethane ring coated with a silicone lubricant. The levels of being pregnant and STD prevention are identical to completely different condoms.
  4. Lambskin condoms. Fabricated from sheep intestines, this condom is the one one product of a pure animal product, so it doesn’t embody any of the proteins that instant the latex allergy. Whereas lambskin condoms are environment friendly in direction of being pregnant, tiny porous holes inside the condom are sufficiently massive to allow many viruses that set off STDs to maneuver by. Sporting a condom is critical inside the prevention of STDs and in holding you and your confederate healthful. It’s best to solely use lambskin condoms if the prospect of STDs isn’t a precedence, Dr. Lang says.

“For individuals who’re concerned it’s possible you’ll want a latex allergy, see your doctor,” Dr. Lang recommends. “They’ll use each a pores and pores and skin or blood examine to go looking out out once you’ve acquired an allergy.”

“Searching for particulars about the way in which to maintain healthful is on a regular basis suggestion, and intercourse should utterly be included,” he says. “Ask your doctor for additional particulars about latex-free security all through intercourse. While you’ve acquired an allergy, your doctor can provide suggestion on probably the most appropriate alternative for you and your confederate — merely make certain you’re taking your nicely being severely ample to hunt the choices that match every of your desires.”